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ProSep Timeline Image-01Since early 2016, ProSep’s renewed focus on proprietary technology solutions, mixers and produced water treatment, has resulted in several exciting milestones.

  • Q3 2016: Osorb Media™ technology successfully completes a pilot scale demonstration for the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants and subsequent regeneration of media.
  • Q4 2016: ProSep is awarded the contract for the world’s first ECLIPSE™ (ProDry) mixer application to be installed on the Troll B Platform, offshore Norwegian Continental Shelf.
  • Q1 2017: MAX+™ mixer technology is selected for commercial deployment for the first time in the onshore US market for crude treatment.
  • Q1 2017: MAX+™ technology is successfully tested in Canada for reduction of wash water usage during desalting of heavy crudes.
  • Q2 2017: Osorb Media™ technology solution is selected for its first commercial deployment to reduce BTEX in a 5000 BWPD system on an offshore platform.
  • Q3 2017: AIM™ and MAX+™ mixing technologies are selected for testing at two major oil refineries to reduce chemical and water usage.
  • Q3 2017: TORR™ technology is selected for testing by a major US independent oil company to economically treat produced water in the Permian basin.

Our Story

ProSep has been established for 10 years and has a prestigious history in the oil and gas industry.

In June 2005, four principals from Kvaener Process created ProSep Technologies, Inc. as part of PureGroup AS, backed by a Norwegian VC, HiTech Vision, and Statoil. By December of that year, the company had grown to 10 employees, and generated around $4 million in sales. In March 2006, the company moved to larger premises in Houston and re-branded the company with the three circle logo representing the separation of oil, gas and water. During this year, ProSep signed a supply agreement with a proprietary internals company and over the course of the next three years sold over $15 million of capital equipment with their internals.

In 2007, ProSep opened it’s Asia Pacific office Read more

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