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ProSep Energy Services specializes in providing rental equipment and/or personnel to solve operational issues, commission/maintain/inspect equipment, and optimize current operations. ProSep has over 10 years of experience in providing custom process separation solutions to the O&G industry. Our experience enables us to understand and analyze existing equipment to ensure it is working at optimal performance and make recommendations to ensure your equipment continues to perform at peak production.

6-column-jpgA large portion of our global installed base consists of natural gas sweetening (CO2 removal) and natural gas dehydration units with our largest units located in the North and South America regions. We have worked closely with a variety of membrane providers including: Grace/UOP, Fujifilm, Air Liquide, Porogen, and Generon, which allows us to custom tailor our offerings and offer our clients the optimal solution for their application.

torr-500-bpd-jpgProSep Energy Services’ offers a fleet of modular rental skids for gas sweetening/dehydration and produced water as well as mixers. This lease/rental process equipment provides a quick solution for excursions/upsets and debottlenecking existing equipment but also allows our clients to test ProSep’s proprietary technologies on live streams before making a permanent capital investment. We have the technical capability to package a solution using single or multiple technology stages and since our units are modular, we are able to treat a wide range of flowrates and contaminants. Our trained field operators and chemists complement our rental equipment and have the necessary training and experience for global onshore and offshore projects. ProSep Energy Services also provides a variety of replacement media’s for both gas and produced water streams such as activated carbon, charcoal, nutshell filter media, and ceramic media.

ProSep’s rental fleet includes:

  • Gas Sweetening/Dehydration Skids – 0.1 to 4.0 MMscfd
  • Produced Water
    • TORR – Coalescing Technology – 500 BWPD
    • OSORB Treatment/Regeneration Unit – 750 BWPD
      • Osorb Media – Regenerable Media Technology
    • 36” OSORB Bulk Media Vessels – 5500 BWPD
    • Osorb Media – Regenerable Media Technology
    • CTour Technology  – Oil in Water Removal Technology – 150-900 BWPD
    • 36” Bulk Media Vessels – 5500 BWPD
      • Activated Carbon
      • Other Bulk Medias
    • Solids Removal Skids – 10,000 BWPD
    • 6” Column Units – 50 to 350 BWPD
      • Osorb Media – Regenerable Media Technology
      • For quick/inexpensive/proof of concept testing on live fluids
  • Mixers
    • ProSep has a variety of our proprietary mixers available for rent including our ECLIPSE, AIM, and MAX.  Please contact ProSep to discuss your application and efficient mixing needs.

 Please contact ProSep Energy Services at to check availability and discuss application details.

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