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ProSep’s produced water treatment assist operators to manage and treat their produced water streams, providing solutions that meet or exceed regulatory and/or other operational requirements such as re-injection, EOR, etc.

Produced water is the aqueous byproduct of extracting oil and gas from the earth. It Is a complex mixture of gases, hydrocarbons, salts, and production chemicals.  Produced water requires varying levels of processing and treatment to be reused, recycled, or disposed.

ProSep’s proprietary technologies for the ‘polishing’ stage of produced water treatment, including TORR, Osorb Media Systems (OMS) & the CTour Process, offer scalable solutions which reduce outlet discharge to below 5 ppm OIW (TPH) .  Our produced water treatment portfolio includes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment options which can be supplied as individual process units, integrated “plug and play” packages, or as complete produced water treatment solutions.

CTour ™ Process

The CTour ™ process removes dispersed oil & dissolved hydrocarbon contaminants in produced water streams

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CTOUR C-tour ProSep produced water treatment

OSORB Media Systems

OMS deliver superior water treatment using pioneering media and regeneration processes

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ProSep Osorb Media


TORR™ coalescing technology that addresses future increases in water cut for offshore operators.

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TORR ProSep produced water treatment

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