TORR™ Water Treatment

High Efficiency Hydrocarbon Coalescing Technology

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The TORR™ coalescing technology, with its small footprint and ability to replace less efficient oil removal equipment, is a scalable technology that addresses future increases in water cut for offshore operators.

The TORR™ process consists of two inline pressure vessels, and an optional third vessel to be used as standby. Produced water enters the TORR™ unit for treatment and then passes through the core of multiple continuous coalescing elements. The continuous coalescing element adsorbs the small oil droplets, coalesces them to large oil globules and then desorbs the oil as larger oil droplets. Gravity separation principles remove these large coalesced globules, which rise to the top of the vessel. Any solution gas accumulating with the oil at the top of the vessel will be safely recovered and both the oil and gas will be returned to a suitable collection unit.


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