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ProSep’s portfolio of proprietary technologies are ideal for integrating into conventional process systems, brownfield retrofit and greenfield new build, to optimize the overall system. In brownfield applications, ProSep’s proprietary mixers provide benefits of:

  • Reduced pressure drop by greater than 50% (compared to static mixers),
  • Reduction in chemical consumption of 25 – 60%,
  • Improved downstream separation allowing greater capacity or reduced equipment size (for new build)

The ProSep mixers accomplish this via:

  • Improved injection distribution,
  • Homogeneous dispersion of the injected phase utilizing process momentum
  • Enhanced mixing with increased downstream turbulence

Typical system applications include:

  • Blending; ie. desalting – replacement of globe valve and static mixer
  • Contactors; ie. TEG dehydration – add one theoretical contactor stage
  • Solvent Extraction; ie. H2S scavenging – enhanced reaction kinetics
  • Homogenization; ie. multiphase flow metering – homogeneous fluid mixture

Our proprietary produced water technologies are integrated easily into conventional produced water treatment systems to provide ‘polishing’. These include TORR, Osorb® Media and the CTour process, offer scalable solutions which reduce outlet discharge to below 5 ppm OIW.


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