ProSep’s high efficiency mixers and clean water technologies provide beneficial
solutions for a variety of LNG applications.

LNG processes demand very stringent natural gas specifications due to the risk of hydrate formation, mercury corrosion, acid gas liquefaction, etc., to ensure reliable operation of the LNG process.
ProSep’s AIM injection mixer has provided reliable, “best in class” injection / dispersion of LPGs into LNG natural gas feed streams to adjust lean gas composition as well as removing harmful heavy hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds with 80:1 LPG injection and 13:1 natural gas turndown ratio.

Searching for an economical, reliable means to pretreat your LNG feed over a broad range of operating conditions?

Contact ProSep regarding their AIM injection mixer case studies for LNG NG feed compositional adjustment and aromatic removal.
Compressor Suction Temperature Control
Start-up and shutdown of LNG facilities often requires recirculation of chilled gas, requiring compressor suction temperature control to improved system cooling efficiency.
ProSep’s AIM injection mixer has been evaluated to improve compressor suction temperature control over standard injection quills to prevent LPG overdosing.

Looking to improve your LNG facility performance and efficiency?

Contact ProSep to determine what efficiency improvements your facility stands to gain by using the AIM injection mixers for your compressor suction temperature control.
Boil Off Gas
Even with the best insulation, LNG “boils off” during storage, loading and unloading, requiring LNG facilities and shipping vessels to capture and re-liquify those hydrocarbons for both environmental reasons and production efficiencies.

ProSep’s AIM injection mixer can be utilized to re-liquify BOG (boil off gas) at LNG facilities economically by optimizing injection into LNG streams where the cool temperatures re-condense the BOG to liquid state.

BOG an issue?
Contact ProSep to learn if the AIM injection mixer will provide an economically beneficial way to recapture and liquify your facility’s BOG.
There are a number of methods to regasify LNG for distribution at the destination point. Often, the resulting natural gas does not meet the local BTU requirements and needs to be upgraded with LPG fractions.
ProSep’s AIM injection mixer has provided reliable, “best in class” injection / dispersion of LPGs into LNG gas streams. CFD studies have demonstrated the primary and secondary LPG droplet breakup and dispersion promoting vaporization of significant volumes of LPG within short distances and at minimal pressure drop. These results have been validated in field operations, performing beyond expectation.

Gasified LNG not meeting client specifications?

Contact ProSep to see how the AIM injection mixer can cost effectively upgrade heating value utilizing ethane, propane or butane to meet client specifications.
BTEX and PAH Removal
Particularly in offshore natural gas production for FLNG facilities, hydrate inhibitors are captured and reprocessed to be reused. Often time, heavy hydrocarbon components and BTEX report to the condensed water phase and need to be removed prior to overboard discharge.
ProSep’s OMS (Osorb Media System) utilizing Osorb media, a hydrocarbon adsorbent with a finite capacity that can be regenerated and reused, has demonstrated Best Available Technology (BAT), removing dispersed, emulsified and dissolved hydrocarbons, BTEX, PAH and WSOs.

Looking for the Best Available ALARP (as low as reasonably practical) Technology for your effluent treatment system?

Contact ProSep to learn how OMS can help you meet the strictest effluent discharge requirements.
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