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Proprietary Mixing Technology for Higher Performance

ProSep’s portfolio of differentiated technologies includes in line mixing technologies for crude desalting, H2S scavenging and reduction of chemical and wash water consumption. These in line mixers are innovative replacements for static mixers.

  • ECLIPSE: Our patented in line mixer for H2S Scavenging
  • MAX+: Reduce wash water consumption with our injection mixing assembly
  • AIM: Delivers high efficiency mixing at low differential pressures
  • EBS: Blends two different process streams to achieve the desired product density

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High efficiency mixing with no lower limit on the injection fluid flow rate.

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Homogeneous Mixing of Multiphase Flows with Low Pressure Drop Over the Entire Turndown Range

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Delivering High Efficiency Mixing At Low Differential Pressures

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Evenly distributes injected fluid allowing for a quicker, more easily obtained homogeneous mixture.

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