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Multiphase Adjustable Xtreme Mixer

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Conventional mixing valves have a valve geometry which changes the local flow direction and creates non-homogeneous and extreme local shear forces which can result in stable emulsions of wash water and crude, thus affecting the separation performance in downstream equipment.

ProSep’s MAX+ mixer ensures a homogeneous distribution and mix of wash water into the crude oil over the pipe cross-section. The effective mixing and the controlled level of shear forces exposed to the mixture will generate less emulsions as well as improve the separation of the wash water and crude oil mixture.

The MAX+ mixer design generates a narrow-sized distribution of separable water droplets, accomplished at lower pressure drop than with the conventional methods, and with the potential to reduce the consumption of the wash water and chemicals (if applicable) and to operate at higher production rates. Mixing of liquids (water and crude) is illustrated in the figure below for the two alternative configurations; conventional globe (top) and MAX+ (bottom).

The MAX+ mixer generates a narrow-sized distribution of separable water droplets over the pipe cross-section:

•    Low pressure drop
•    Easily retrofitted
•    3-in-1 Solution – injection, dispersion and homogenization
•    Low maintenance
•    Maintains efficiency at all turndown conditions

•    pH control
•    Demulsifier injection
•    Chlorination
•    Desalting
•    Scavenging

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