Osorb Media Systems Water Treatment

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Are you struggling with BTEX or Dissolved Hydrocarbons?

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Osorb Media is a revolutionary, regenerable, organically-modified silica adsorbent utilized for the treatment of oilfield water and gas streams.  It adsorbs free, dispersed, and water soluble hydrocarbons, as well as many non-polar oilfield chemicals from produced water.

The technology also removes vapor phase and micro-droplet hydrocarbons from natural gas streams to improve the value of sales gas, increase burner efficiency, and manage other environmental gaseous emissions.

With a surface area of 550m2 per gram, the media has the ability to expand while absorbing contaminants, which leads to increased capacity and bed life.


Osorb Media is both an adsorbent and an absorbent, utilizing physical bonds to capture hydrocarbons and organics, while forming no permanent chemical bonds between the media and the sorbates. This lack of permanent bonding enables regeneration and repeated reuse of the media in addition to recovery of the contaminants held in the media’s matrix.


  • Produced water treatment
  • Quench water
  • BTEX removal
  • Membrane pre-treatment
  • Chemical enhanced oil recovery (polymer, ASP, SP, applications)
  • Replacement of stream strippers


  • High adsorption capacity
  • Regenerable – minimal loss of efficiency over numerous regeneration cycles
  • Fast capture mechanism – minimal residence time
  • Reduced footprint and equipment size
  • Continuous water treatment
  • Handle upset conditions 2,000 mg/L

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