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Osorb Media Systems (OMS) are designed around the reversible adsorption process of Osorb Media.

Osorb Media removes hydrocarbons from the water using a physical adsorption process that is reversed during the regeneration process. Through ProSep's designed OMS regeneration process the hydrocarbons are removed from the media and recovered without reducing the Osorb Media's performance.

Water treatment is simple
with an OMS.

  1. Water and hydrocarbons enter the OMS.
  2. Hydrocarbons are captured by Osorb Media as the water passes through.
  3. The clean water, now free of hydrocarbons, exits the OMS.
Treatment Process - ProSep

OMS Benefits

  • Low operating Cost
  • Long Life of Use
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Flexible Regeneration
  • Reduced HSE Risks
Treatment Process - ProSep

Osorb Media Systems (OMS) are designed around the reversible adsorption process of Osorb Media.

Osorb Media is a regenerable, organically modified silica that has been specifically designed to remove dispersed, dissolved, and emulsified hydrocarbons from the worlds most challenging produced waters.

OMS are simple, integrated water treatment systems that allow operators to remove BTEX, light to heavy crude oil, gas condensate, and some oil field chemicals to <1 mg/L (ppm).

OMS - ProSep

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Regenerate Flexibility

Physical Regeneration

During the NGL Regeneration Process:

  1. NGL is compressed and cooled into a liquid.
  2. Liquid NGL dissolves the captured hydrocarbons.
  3. The liquid NGL/hydrocarbon mixture is separated in a flash tank.
  4. Clean hydrocarbons are recovered from the flash tank.
  5. The NGL is recycled.

Water Treatment Applications compatible with
Physical Regeneration:

  • Dispersed oil
  • Emulsified oil
  • Phenols
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Dissolved Tar
  • Asphaltenes
  • Oil Field Chemicals

Regenerate Flexibility

Evaporative Regeneration

During the Steam Regeneration Process:

  1. Low pressure (LP) steam is generated.
  2. The LP steam evaporates the captured hydrocarbons.
  3. Steam and hydrocarbons are condensed into liquid.
  4. Water is separated from the hydrocarbons and recovered.
  5. Hydrocarbons are separated from the water and recovered.

Water Treatment Applications compatible with
Evaporative Regeneration:

  • Condensate
  • Emulsified Conensate
  • Phenols
  • BTEX
  • Oil Field Chemicals
OSORB - ProSep

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