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Enhanced Center Located Injection Pipe Spool

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With a unique, center-located injector, ProSep’s ECLIPSE, low injection flow mixer allows for efficient mixing of small injected fluid volumes into the process flows. The ECLIPSE’s design is superior to other technologies, such as injection quills, provides homogeneous, high efficiency mixing with no lower limit on the injection fluid flow rate.

• Low differential pressure
• Inline solution
• Easily retrofitted
• No moving parts
• De-bottlenecks stressed processes

• H2S Scavenging
• Natural gas dehydration
• Amine injection

Efficient Compact Lightweight Injection Port (eClip)

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ProSep’s patented eClip Mixers provide chemical savings in a compact, easy-to-install, and cost-effective product.

• Compact design offers easy installation
• Chemical consumption reduced by 20-40%
• Easily retrofitted and no moving parts
• Reduce CAPEX & footprint
• Optimization of chemical use

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