Rendering of the Scarborough FPU. Source: Woodside

ProSep begins Water Treatment project on Scarborough Gas Project in Australia

A leading, global provider of environmentally friendly solutions, ProSep, has secured a water treatment project with an American multinational corporation on the Scarborough gas resource offshore of Western Australia for a seven- figure value.

ProSep, the award-winning providers of process efficiency products including proprietary high-efficiency mixers and produced water treatment technologies, has a long track record of proven results of reducing chemicals and clean water. This current water treatment project which began in January, will see ProSep deliver its leading water treatment technology; OSORB Media Systems (OMS) which will be its first time operating in the region.

The OMS is designed reduce contaminants including benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylene (BTEX) to less than 10 parts per million (ppm) on a floating production unit (FPU).

This contract will launch ProSep into the Australian market working in a natural gas resource which is playing a crucial role in assisting neighbouring Asian countries act on reducing emissions to meet increasing energy demand. The region has been a focus for ProSep in recent years and will remain a focus for the business moving forward as they commit to increase their footprint in the Asia-pacific area.

Chief Operating Officer for ProSep, Greg Hallahan, said: “The securing of this project is a major step forward for the company and is testament to the efficiency of our technology. We are committed to providing environmentally responsive solutions to the market that can help our clients meet their ESG targets and values. The OMS technology is extremely sophisticated and provides unique environmental benefits and removes hydrocarbons from the water using a physical adsorption process that is reversed during the regeneration process.”

Product Line Manager for ProSep, Caleb Smathers said: “After an extensive evaluation process, it is extremely rewarding to be recognised as a leading technology provider and preferred supplier of innovative produced water treatment equipment with the highest QHSE standards. OMS possesses many benefits including a remarkably low-system footprint, durability of media, and greater flexibility of regeneration and we are thrilled to see it at work on this recent project and to be considered as a trusted partner in such a technologically as well as environmentally demanding project.”

Established in 2005, ProSep has continued to build on innovative solutions to assist global industries lower their chemical and water consumption, clean their water, and reduce their Greenhouse gas emissions footprint.

Rendering of the Scarborough FPU. Source: Woodside

Rendering of the Scarborough FPU. Source: Woodside



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