ProSep Completes Final Delivery of Units to Middle Eastern National Oil Company

ProSep was recently delighted to receive news of the successful final delivery of units for a large-scale project within the Middle East, signalling a huge development for our presence within the region.  

Having been awarded the project within the Middle East by local EPC contractors, we were tasked with delivering a total of 25 of our High Efficiency Mixers across four different contracts between 2020 and 2021. Of the 25 High Efficiency Mixers, 23 were initially successfully delivered in the second quarter of 2022, whilst the last two were recently delivered in Q1 2023. The successful delivery of the final two mixers marked the completion of the project, which was commissioned with the purpose of increasing the ability to handle an increased water cut in one of the largest oil-producing fields within the region. 

Included within the project was the successful delivery of 17x Annular Injection Mixers (AIM) and 8x Multiphase Adjustable Xtreme Mixers (MAX), deployed to 10 different oil and gas separation plants within the region. Required to replace existing injections quills and conventional mixing vales to enhance the injection, dispersion, and mixing efficiency of demulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, and scale inhibitor chemicals, the installation of the High Efficiency Mixers will allow more reliable and enhanced separation of water-in-oil and oil-in-water, resulting in an estimated chemical savings of >600K gallons per year. 

Raul Gonzalo, Sales and Services Manager for the Middle East for ProSep, commented

“This project represented a major milestone for ProSep within the Middle East, so it’s great to have the project successfully completed. Working with an experienced team of local fabricators and sub-suppliers, we are proud to have delivered a total of 25 High Efficiency Mixers that were made locally within the region.” 

“Our “AIM” and “MAX” High Efficiency Mixers were supplied to replace injection quills and conventional mixing valves, enhancing the performance of oil and gas separation plants by providing the most efficient mechanism for the contact of chemicals with the production stream. The result led to the optimization of chemical usage and enhanced oil/water separation, allowing a reliable and more sustainable process, and saving tens of millions of dollars in OPEX costs for the operators.”  

“ProSep are delighted to see that operators are rapidly adopting our High Efficiency Mixers as the new standard for chemical injection, dispersion, and mixing in their oil and gas separation plants after realizing the many benefits of the technology.” 

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