ProSep lands North Sea Statoil contract

Houston-headquartered ProSep, the oil, gas and water treatment specialist, has been awarded a new contract by Statoil. The agreement, which commences in February 2016, will see the company supply its proprietary ProSalt mixer technology to Statoil’s Gudrun platform in the Norwegian North Sea.

The ProSalt mixer enables efficient utilisation of wash water and chemicals as well as improved oil-in-water separation compared to static mixers. The technology will be designed and commissioned for the Gudrun platform to provide a reliable and robust solution within a rapid timeframe. ProSalt’s internal design and material selection will improve its reliability against erosion and corrosion.

Statoil selected ProSalt for the Gudrun platform because of its technical reliability and ability to modulate with changing process conditions. The operator will likely be injecting wash water into the production line towards the end of 2016 based on existing production profiles, and ProSalt’s improved mixing efficiency over static mixers will enable Statoil to meet salt requirement (PTB).

“ProSep’s long-standing relationship with Statoil is a testament to the benefits of our technology,” says Mike Smith, Managing Director – Europe, ProSep. “This is the second deployment of this specific mixer type in the North Sea and we expect to see more operators in the region looking for reliable cost-effective solutions that can save not only OPEX, but scarce offshore resources, such as wash water and power requirements.”

ProSep has recently hired a sales manager in Stavanger, Norway, to cultivate operator relationships and drive its growth in the region. ProSep’s portfolio of proprietary mixing technologies includes ProMix, ProSalt, ProBlend, ProScav, and ProDry. To date over 100 mixers have been deployed worldwide.

ProSep appoints Sales Manager to strengthen Norwegian foothold

Houston-headquartered ProSep, the oil, gas and water process separations technology company, has appointed Jacek Kacperski as Norway Sales Manager. Based in Stavanger, Kacperski joins the company with over a decade’s experience in oilfield services, including sales roles with TDW Offshore and Siemens AS.

ProSep recently renewed its focus on its suite of proprietary technologies – including mixers – which offer operators a cost-effective and reliable solution for reducing chemical consumption, maximising hydrocarbon recovery and process optimisation. Norwegian companies continue to champion best-in-class technology and in this new commodity price environment Kacperski will work hand-in-hand with local operators to drive the development of new and existing opportunities.

Patrick McCarthy, CEO of ProSep, says: “We are excited to welcome Jacek to the team. His knowledge of the local market coupled with his impressive track record make him the ideal person to lead our Norwegian operations. The development and early deployment of ProSep’s mixing technologies trace their roots to Norway and we believe that in the current environment, technologies like ours can play a significant role in enabling operators to optimise their offshore operations.”

Kacperski adds: “ProSep’s portfolio of patented technology is really impressive and I am very proud to become a part of this enthusiastic, innovative and results-driven team. I look forward to strengthening the company’s position as a trusted technology partner in the Norwegian market by offering solutions that can genuinely improve operational efficiencies.”

ProSep enters final stage of ITF JIP for Osorb Media

Osorb Skid ProSep JIP

Houston-headquartered ProSep, the oil, gas and produced water treatment specialist, has entered the final stage of its ITF joint industry project (JIP) with Qatar Petroleum and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).

ProSep is putting a full scale Osorb® Media unit through a two-phase field trial in PDO’s Marmul oil field, 200 kilometers northeast of Salalah in Oman, to demonstrate the media’s water treatment and regeneration capabilities. Osorb Media is a regenerable organosilica that adsorbs free, dispersed, and water soluble hydrocarbons, as well as many oilfield chemicals from produced water.

Ryan McPherson, General Manager, Middle East for ProSep said: “This project represents a significant step in the evolution and development of Osorb Media. To be part of a JIP with two national oil companies in the Middle East has been a tremendous experience, with all parties truly collaborating towards a shared goal.  The ability to regenerate the media in-situ is fundamental to full-scale technology implementation.  I am looking forward to a successful trial that will enable us to create a regeneration process that is both economically and operationally practical for operators.”

Spent Osorb Media can be regenerated using a variety of techniques and resources and operators often have different options available for this process. The two phases of the project will compare regeneration methods through a rigorous test schedule to ensure that regeneration process options are created that are both economically and operationally practical for all operators.

Wail Saif Salim Al-Harrasi, Corporate Technology Advisor at PDO said: “This JIP is of great importance to PDO as it has the potential to resolve some of the challenges associated with EOR activities, such as de-oiling of polymer contaminated water and enabling the reuse of spent polymer, which in turn reduces the overall cost of EOR.”

Keith Mackie, Director of Strategic Projects and International Development at ITF also noted: “We are delighted to see another ITF project coming to fruition. The development of an offshore capable unit for oil-in-water removal and media regeneration will deliver real benefits to the industry, both in terms of environmental impact and cost.”

The unit will be in country by the end of the year, and the trial is scheduled to begin in January 2016 with completion by end of Q1.

Project Update: 15,000 BOPD Thermal Electrostatic Treater

ProSep Oil Treatment Collage

At the start of 2015, ProSep was contracted to engineer, design, and manufacture a thermal electrostatic treater for the Singue Plant in Ecuador. The Singue field, operated by Gente Oil, is expected to reach 10,000 barrels of oil per day by the end of 2015, with the plan to also build a 32km pipeline to transport the oil.   The 10′ ID x 32′-04@ T/T thermal electrostatic treater was designed to dehydrate the produced crude oil, at a flow rate of 3.3 MMSCFD / 15,000 BOPD / 5,000 BWPD.

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The Age of Innovation

Mixer ProSalt ProSep

Against a backdrop of reduced oil prices and high costs, Neil Poxon, CEO of ProSep looks at the spur to innovation created by a low-price environment and what it means for the global oil and gas industry worldwide.

On May 25, 1961, President Kennedy announced to Congress that America would land a man on the moon and return him to Earth before the end of the decade. Eight years and two months later, Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Apollo Lunar Module and made his famous giant leap for mankind.

The average R&D cycle in space exploration might have slowed since then, but it’s still around three to four years. In contrast, typical R&D cycles in the oil and gas industry are between 15 and 17 years.

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PEMEX selects ProSep to deliver crude blending project for Gulf of Mexico

ProSep PEMEX Crude Blending Skid

Houston-headquartered ProSep, the oil, gas and water treatment specialist, has been awarded a contract with Pemex to supply its ProBlend™ mixer technology. The six-month project – awarded through ProSep’s in-country agent AGA Process, S.A de C.V – will see the company supply proprietary equipment to blend two crude process streams on-board a platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Project Updates: Fluor / Exxon Neftgas

Sakhalin Russia Odoptu Exxon Neftgas ProSep

Sakhalin Odoptu Field – Image Exxon Neftgas

In 2014, ProSep was contracted by Fluor to engineer, design, and manufacture a pre-treatment / 4 tube membrane skid package, destined for the Exxon Neftgas Odoptu facility on Sakhalin Island, Russia.

Odoptu, one of three Sakhalin-1 Project fields, is situated 5 to 7 miles (8 to 11 kilometers) offshore northeast Sakhalin Island.  Sakhalin-1 includes the Chayvo and Arkutun Dagi oil and gas fields in addition to Odoptu.  The potential recoverable resources for the three fields are 2.3 billion barrels (307 million tons) of oil, and 17.1 trillion cubic feet (485 billion cubic meters) of natural gas. The current estimated daily production at Sakhalin-1 is over 200,000 barrels.

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Project Update: Petro-Hunt

ProSep Gas Dehydration Petro-Hunt 1447

ProSep was contracted by Petro-Hunt, L.L.C. to provide a gas dehydration membrane package.  The package has now been shipped and is destined for the Little Knife Gas Plant in North Dakota.

Petro-Hunt is the operator of the Little Knife Gas Processing Plant (Little Knife Gas Plant) west of Killdeer, North Dakota. The Little Knife Gas Plant processes and treats associated gas produced from the Petro-Hunt operated Little Knife oil field in McKenzie, Billings, and Dunn Counties, North Dakota. In addition to treating gas produced from the Little Knife wells, the plant also treats and processes products from third parties who operate oil and gas wells in surrounding Williston Basin areas.
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