ProSep, the industry-leading technology and service provider for integrated process solutions, announced today the successful completion of a major, two-phase joint industry project conducted in collaboration with Qatar Petroleum and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). The results unequivocally demonstrate the benefits of ProSep’s Osorb Media System. The Osorb Media System (OMS) successfully reduced the concentration of free, dispersed, and water-soluble hydrocarbons, as well as many non-polar oilfield chemicals, in produced water from an operating plant to below 5 parts per million (ppm). Phase II results clearly indicated the effectiveness of a second in-situ regeneration method for restoring the adsorption capacity of the Osorb media.  Phase I and II on-site testing of the Osorb Media System will give operators increased optimism for deploying a technically and economically effective produced water polishing treatment system by reducing hydrocarbons in water to <1 ppm for as low as $0.07/bbl.

The first phase of the field testing, concluded in the summer of 2016 with PDO at the Marmul production field , included the treatment of back produced polymer water with over 100 ppm Oil-in-Water (OiW) inlet. The Osorb Media System was able to reduce the OiW levels to below 5 ppm, the target specification for the test.  An integral part of the test was a successful demonstration of ProSep’s specifically designed regeneration processes, a simple method to clean the media in situ for further reuse.  Once the media had reached its capture capacity, ProSep was able to regenerate the media with one regeneration cycle and demonstrate the renewed OiW capture capability that was on par with the previous water treatment cycle.  Subsequent to the first phase, the second phase of the field test was completed to demonstrate a second regeneration method, giving flexibility and options to customers.

During the JIP demonstration, eight water treatment cycles were completed, which provided results showing that the technology outperformed the existing conventional equipment of an Induced Gas Flotation vessel and a Nut Shell Filter. The oil free water provided from the Osorb Media System extends the lifetime of disposal wells and can recover up to 40,000 gallons of oil per year from the current produced water volumes at Marmul.

“ProSep would like to thank all of those involved in making this joint field demonstration a success,” said Ryan McPherson, Middle East General Manager at ProSep. “The results achieved during this project are the stepping stones for Osorb’s continued success both in the GCC and around the world. This ‘best in class’ technology is creating a paradigm shift by providing superior water treatment, which, coupled with its ‘regenerative’ ability, is beneficial to the environment as well as economical to operators.”

In August 2017, the company announced it secured a multi-million-dollar order for an Osorb Treatment System to be deployed on an offshore platform – a momentous breakthrough for this technology.

Osorb Treatment Systems positively impact both the environment and production facilities by reducing hydrocarbons in water to <1 ppm for as low as $0.07/bbl.  Furthermore, the construction of new projects which implement Osorb Treatment Systems can replace multiple water treatment equipment, which reduces the overall size, weight and operation costs on the platform and benefits the customer’s bottom line.

ProSep Awarded Patent for EBS Crude Blending Application

ProSep was recently notified that its proprietary mixing technology has been granted another U.S. patent for the blending of two distinct API crude multiphase process flows to create a consistent homogenous single API blend for easier downstream processing. The Enhanced Blending System (EBS) includes sampling, monitoring, and control of the individual and commingled flows in order to consistently deliver a homogeneous API. The advantages to the customer include upgrading a heavy crude to a more readily process medium grade crude, reduction in diluent light crude required to meet the desire medium crude specification, lower density and viscosity for ease of pumping long distances, and accurate, timely API and BS&W readings for the commingled stream.

ProSep Awarded Multi-Million NOK Contract For Johan Castberg Field Development Project

Mixing TechnologyProSep, an industry-leading technology and service provider for integrated process solutions, announced today it will supply three (3) ProSalt™ units to Statoil Petroleum (Statoil) for the Johan Castberg field development project, located on the Norwegian continental shelf in the Barents Sea.

The ProSalt technology, which utilizes ProSep’s Multiphase Adjustable eXtreme mixer with injection (MAX+), is used for crude oil and wash water mixing upstream of the desalting process. The mixer provides high efficiency (> 90%) mixing of wash water and crude to meet the required outlet specification for crude export. The MAX+ mixer employs a unique mixing cylinder which creates a homogeneous shear force across the cross-sectional area of the crude process flow. This evenly distributed shear force generates a tight water droplet distribution and turbulent mixing conditions within the cylinder. These actions thus maximize the mass transfer area of salt in the crude to the wash water, all done with a relatively low dP (~0.3 bar) throughout the wide range of flow conditions. Chemicals, such as demuslfiers, can be injected in the mixer alongside the wash water, which leads to their more efficient use in the process stream. Additionally, the lower shear stresses applied to the oil and water mixture leads to less emulsion tendencies overall. The ProSalt technology with MAX+ mixers will provide Statoil with efficient usage of wash water and chemicals, while also providing an opportunity to reduce injection volumes of both in comparison to conventional mixing technologies.

“After an extensive evaluation process, it is extremely rewarding to be recognized by Statoil as a leading technology provider and preferred supplier of innovative process optimization equipment at the highest Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) standards,” said Jacek Kacperski, Sales Manager, ProSep Europe. “We are honored to be considered a trusted partner in such a technologically demanding project.”

The Johan Castberg project was notably the biggest offshore oil and gas development in 2017, with an estimated cost of approximately NOK 49 billion. The scope of work consists of a production vessel, 30 wells, 10 subsea templates and two satellite structures with the capacity to recover an estimated 450 – 650 million barrels of oil equivalent. The project is anticipated to begin in 2022.

ProSep is enhancing Ekofisk’s water stream with a CTour produced water treatment package

ProSep is enhancing Ekofisk’s water stream with a CTour produced water treatment package, which uses existing gas condensate combined with ProSep’s high-efficiency mixers to enhance oil and water separation.

Click here to read the feature article on E&P Magazine online and learn more on how successful pilot tests led to the installation of a full-scale system that is still in operation.




ProSep is ISO 9001:2015 certified!

We are proud to announce that ProSep is ISO 9001:2015 certified! This allows us to keep up with latest industry standards and to ensure we are providing the best in class technology solutions to our customers in the upstream, downstream and midstream sectors. Click on the image to learn more.

Effective Removal of BTEX from Rich Water to Reduce the Concentration of BTEX in Reclaimed Methanol using ProSep’s Osorb System

In the September issue of Hydrocarbon Processing, Gregory Hallahan and Caleb Smathers, ProSep, and Jeff Myers, Williams Company, weigh in on the effective removal of BTEX from rich water to reduce the concentration of BTEX in reclaimed methanol using a new media system. Click on the image to read the article and learn how ProSep demonstrated BTEX reduction with Williams.

Click here to read the article!

Prosep to Transform Global Oil and Gas Industry with Major Milestone Achievement for Osorb Media

August 1, 2017 (HOUSTON) – ProSep, the industry-leading technology and service provider for integrated process solutions, today announced a major milestone achievement for one of its proprietary produced water treatments, Osorb Media, a revolutionary, re-generable, modified organo-silica used for the polishing oilfield water and gas streams. ProSep has secured a multi-million dollar order for this water treatment system, which is a momentous breakthrough for this technology that has been in a developmental phase for the past seven years.

“Very few technologies have been commercially accepted in the Oil & Gas industry in such a short time from discovery to first commercial sale, specifically ones that are in the tertiary and/or polishing treatment stage,” said Mahesh Konduru, CEO at ProSep. “We believe that the Osorb technology is truly transformational and the global oil and gas industry will have an opportunity to see this technology in action.”

Prosep’s Osorb Media utilizes a 5000-barrels of water per day (BWPD) system that is designed to reduce Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, and Xylene (BTEX) contaminants to less than 15 parts per million (ppm) on an offshore platform. The advantage of using Prosep’s Osorb technology includes a notably low-system footprint, durability of media, and greater flexibility of regeneration.


ProSep To Offer Live Demonstrations At Offshore Technology Conference 2017

APRIL 25, 2017 (HOUSTON)ProSep, the industry-leading technology and service provider for integrated process solutions, today announced the opportunity to experience four (4) of the company’s innovative technologies at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, May 1-4, booth #7234.

Live demonstrations of the AIM, MAX, TORR, and Osorb® Media technologies will be provided by Caleb Smathers, Sr. Product Development Engineer for ProSep. Gregory Hallahan, Director of Product Development will be on site to answer questions.

“ProSep’s arsenal of proprietary mixer and Osorb technologies have been addressing challenging problems faced globally by oil and gas operators,” said Hallahan. “We are inviting everyone to join us to witness these best-in class technologies in action first hand at OTC.”

Full demonstration schedule:

Tuesday, May 2 Wednesday, May 3








The featured technologies include:

  • AIM, or Annual Injection Mixer: The patented design of the AIM creates intense, balanced turbulence in the mixer for optimized utilization of momentum transfer, measure as pressure drops across the AIM.
  • MAX, or Multiphase Adjustable Extreme Mixer: The design of the MAX is distinct compared to other mixing technologies such as globe valves and static mixers because it provides homogenous, high-efficiency mixing regardless of the process flowrate.
  • Osorb® Media: Osorb Media is both an adsorbent and absorbent, using a unique matrix structure and intermolecular interactions to capture hydrocarbons and organics without the creation of any permanent chemical bonds.
  • TORR™: The TORR coalescing technology, with its small footprint and ability to replace less efficient oil removal equipment, is a scalable technology that addresses future increases in water cut for offshore operators.

 “These technologies are proven and have helped leading global energy producers save critical operating expenses, improve reliability, and meet local regulations by reducing chemical and water consumption by up to 50%, saving millions of gallons of water per year, and removing harmful contaminants – all with favorable payback periods.,” added Smathers. “We encourage everyone to attend and experience our technologies firsthand, and listen to case studies from our global operations.”

Prosep Awarded Contract For Statoil’s Troll B ZMP Project

Technology helps Statoil reduce package size and recognize process efficiencies

ProDryFEBRUARY 14, 2017 (HOUSTON) – ProSep, the industry-leading technology and service provider for integrated process solutions, announced today it will supply one (1) ProDry™ unit to Statoil for the Troll B ZMP Project. ProSep’s project scope of supply – awarded through Aker Solutions – began in January 2017 and is expected to last approximately five months.

“The ProDry™ technology has demonstrated the ability to dehydrate natural gas with nearly 100% approach to equilibrium,” explained Greg Hallahan, ProSep’s Director of Product Development. He continued, “This enhanced performance, as compared to standard injection quills, allows significant cost savings via replacement of standard countercurrent towers, eliminating the large vessels and internals. Additional savings in operating expenses can be realized by minimizing TEG losses and demonstrating resilience to common TEG tower issues, such as TEG foaming and carryover.”

The ProDry™ technology to deployed on the Troll B platform, uses ProSep’s ECLIPSE mixer for triethylene glycol (TEG) injection.  Due to ProDry’s high mixing efficiency, Statoil will replace a standard countercurrent TEG tower with an in-line, co-current mixer and separator/knock-out drum. The required TEG flow compared to a conventional tower will be reduced, allowing the project to utilize spare capacity in the existing TEG regeneration packages.

“The ECLIPSE mixer has been used for various applications, such as H2S scavenging in natural gas production, on a number of platforms in the Norwegian Continental Shelf,” stated Jacek Kacperski, ProSep Sales Manager for Europe. “However, this project represents the first time the ECLIPSE mixer has been installed for gas dehydration with TEG or MEG, the ProDry™ application, and brings to conclusion a years’ long R&D and Business Development effort to reach commercialization. ProSep feels that this application is the first step toward proving the mixers capability as part of an in-line co-current system, which has future applications for subsea developments.

ProSep Inks Distribution Agreement With Puffer-Sweiven


Company aims to expand beyond upstream oil & gas market


puffer-sweiven-logo-3ProSep, the oil, gas, and water treatment specialist has signed a distribution agreement with Puffer-Sweiven, a leading supplier of products and services for process control and flow control.

The partnership aims to leverage ProSep’s mixer and produced water technologies with Puffer-Sweiven’s track record as a successful distributor across multiple industries and ultimately expand ProSep’s offerings beyond the upstream oil and gas market.

“ProSep’s proprietary mixer technologies have helped oil and gas operators achieve significant operating efficiencies during production, reducing expenses by 20 to 60 percent” said Mahesh Konduru, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Operations at ProSep. “Whether it’s Oil & Gas or Utilities, Power, or Paper, we believe that we can help new clients across industries stay competitive as they navigate an increasingly challenging industrial climate.”

The initial terms of the agreement will cover the Gulf Coast region, including Texas and New Mexico. The companies also plan to pursue opportunities in Latin America, where Puffer-Sweiven has offices in Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador.

“This partnership could not have come at a better time.  Many industrial producers and utilities are looking for means to optimize their processes and reduce costs.  ProSep’s advanced technology along with the services and complementary products which Puffer-Sweiven can provide will bring real value to our customer base,” said Jeff Deurlein at Puffer-Sweiven.

“For over 70 years, many of the world’s largest companies have trusted Puffer-Sweiven to provide quality and value-added solutions for them on a consistent basis,” said Konduru. “Their sales team, more than 100 strong, is highly informed and in tune with client needs. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to working with them closely to meet our growth goals.”

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