Author: Nicole Miles

Project Update: 15,000 BOPD Thermal Electrostatic Treater

ProSep Oil Treatment Collage

At the start of 2015, ProSep was contracted to engineer, design, and manufacture a thermal electrostatic treater for the Singue Plant in Ecuador. The Singue field, operated by Gente Oil, is expected to reach 10,000 barrels of oil per day by the end of 2015, with the plan to also build a 32km pipeline to transport the oil.   The 10′ ID x 32′-04@ T/T thermal electrostatic treater was designed to dehydrate the produced crude oil, at a flow rate of 3.3 MMSCFD / 15,000 BOPD / 5,000 BWPD.

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The Age of Innovation

Mixer ProSalt ProSep

Against a backdrop of reduced oil prices and high costs, Neil Poxon, CEO of ProSep looks at the spur to innovation created by a low-price environment and what it means for the global oil and gas industry worldwide.

On May 25, 1961, President Kennedy announced to Congress that America would land a man on the moon and return him to Earth before the end of the decade. Eight years and two months later, Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Apollo Lunar Module and made his famous giant leap for mankind.

The average R&D cycle in space exploration might have slowed since then, but it’s still around three to four years. In contrast, typical R&D cycles in the oil and gas industry are between 15 and 17 years.

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PEMEX selects ProSep to deliver crude blending project for Gulf of Mexico

ProSep PEMEX Crude Blending Skid

Houston-headquartered ProSep, the oil, gas and water treatment specialist, has been awarded a contract with Pemex to supply its ProBlend™ mixer technology. The six-month project – awarded through ProSep’s in-country agent AGA Process, S.A de C.V – will see the company supply proprietary equipment to blend two crude process streams on-board a platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Project Updates: Fluor / Exxon Neftgas

Sakhalin Russia Odoptu Exxon Neftgas ProSep

Sakhalin Odoptu Field – Image Exxon Neftgas

In 2014, ProSep was contracted by Fluor to engineer, design, and manufacture a pre-treatment / 4 tube membrane skid package, destined for the Exxon Neftgas Odoptu facility on Sakhalin Island, Russia.

Odoptu, one of three Sakhalin-1 Project fields, is situated 5 to 7 miles (8 to 11 kilometers) offshore northeast Sakhalin Island.  Sakhalin-1 includes the Chayvo and Arkutun Dagi oil and gas fields in addition to Odoptu.  The potential recoverable resources for the three fields are 2.3 billion barrels (307 million tons) of oil, and 17.1 trillion cubic feet (485 billion cubic meters) of natural gas. The current estimated daily production at Sakhalin-1 is over 200,000 barrels.

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Project Update: Petro-Hunt

ProSep Gas Dehydration Petro-Hunt 1447

ProSep was contracted by Petro-Hunt, L.L.C. to provide a gas dehydration membrane package.  The package has now been shipped and is destined for the Little Knife Gas Plant in North Dakota.

Petro-Hunt is the operator of the Little Knife Gas Processing Plant (Little Knife Gas Plant) west of Killdeer, North Dakota. The Little Knife Gas Plant processes and treats associated gas produced from the Petro-Hunt operated Little Knife oil field in McKenzie, Billings, and Dunn Counties, North Dakota. In addition to treating gas produced from the Little Knife wells, the plant also treats and processes products from third parties who operate oil and gas wells in surrounding Williston Basin areas.
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Technology, Innovation and Collaboration Drive Produced Water Strategy

E&P firms need strategic partners with the ability to provide proprietary technology, global project management and rapid response to address their specific produced water challenges and optimise operations and returns, writes ProSep’s CTO, John B. Sabey.

The aging of conventional wells and the boom in shale development have sparked a sharp increase in the volume of water produced by oil and gas production. Horizontal drilling and water-based hydraulic fracturing programmes onshore are far more water-intensive, while water cuts can be as high as 80-90% in wells in aged, depleted reservoirs.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Separation Solutions

Celebrating 10 Years of Separation Solutions

Download the ProSep 10 Year Case Study Book

In June 2005, four principals from Kvaener Process created ProSep Technologies, Inc. as part of PureGroup AS, backed by a Norwegian VC, HiTech Vision, and Statoil By December of that year, the company had grown to 10 employees, and generat-ed around $4 million in sales.  In March 2006, the company moved to larger premises in Houston and re-branded the company with the three circle logo representing the separation of oil, gas and water. During this year, ProSep signed a supply agreement with a proprietary internals company and over the course of the next three years sold over $15 million of capital equipment with their internals.

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Celebrating Houston Infographic

2015 marks 10 years of separation solutions for ProSep, so we thought we would celebrate the place where ProSep first opened it’s doors – Houston. Download the Houston infographic and visit ProSep at OTC 2015, NRG Arena, Stand 8601 and celebrate with us.  Click on the Houston  infographic to see it full size.

ProSep Separation Solutions Houston Infographic



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