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ProSep’s AIM high-efficiency mixer is featured in the June 2019 edition of JPT

ProSep’s AIM high-efficiency mixer is featured in the June 2019 edition of the Journal of Petroleum Engineering, JPT. Our AIM mixer delivers high efficiency mixing at low differential pressures. The compact, high performance AIM mixer minimizes chemical consumption by improving dispersion and mixing in the process stream for gaseous, liquid and multi-phase flows.  The patented designs have successfully demonstrated 100% vaporization in a gas processing/pre-treatment application – six of these units will be installed upstream of a major LNG plant in the US in Q3 2019.

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Meet the Expert: Tommie Jackson!

Next up as part of our meet the expert profile series is Tommie Jackson.  Tommie joined ProSep in 2017 as a Product Development Field Engineer and is responsible for the “hands-on” product development data generated in-house and in the field for ProSep’s unique technologies.

What’s the best thing about working at ProSep?
There is never a dull moment working for ProSep, and I have quickly been able to gain experience performing several different roles during my short time here. This has provided me with a more well-rounded knowledge base as I am actively involved in the processes beginning with the product’s proof of concept and sales, to ensuring it meets ProSep’s high quality standards when it reaches the end-user and maintaining these standards when optimization and/or service is needed.

Do you have any key lessons learned from your time with ProSep?
Nothing is perfect, and issues will always arise as variables change. How you respond to this adversity is key because people love a problem solver. Staying calm, being attentive to the client’s needs, processing the data carefully, and developing a solution in a systematic way is necessary to provide the client with an easy to follow approach on how you can help address their needs and anticipate potential causes of any issues.

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ProSep set to deliver MAX+ ProSalt mixers to Heimdal Platform

ProSep has successfully secured a contract with Aker Solutions to provide two MAX+ ProSalt™ mixers to Equinor’s Heimdal Gas Centre Platform in the North Sea.

The installation of ProSep’s proprietary mixers will allow production to resume from the Vale gas and condensate field by reducing the amount of salt present during the downstream processing stages. Vale is a satellite installation connected to the Heimdal platform by a 16.5-kilometre pipeline.

May 2019 Internal Strategy and Technical Session

ProSep held their semi-annual Strategy and Technical Session in Houston.

The session kicked off with two inspiring keynote speeches from Ryan Gurney, Managing Partner at Cottonwood Venture Partners and Anthony Thomas, SVP Ringer Gloves. More than ten of the team prepared and presented their high-quality strategic recommendations by product and region.

Adding a little bit of friendly competition to the meeting, the stellar content and delivery of the presentations made it so hard for everyone to judge and select the winner of the best presentation that three first prize winners were awarded to Caleb Smathers, Nicole Miles, and Brenton Hughes!

We now look forward to implementing our new strategy to further develop our business and continue delivering world-class solutions to our clients!

A great start to Q2!

We are delighted to share that the start of Q2 has been fantastic! – four POs totaling close to $2 MM for the delivery of nine mixers have been secured in the last six weeks.

The diversity of applications (and geography) of these mixers: Midstream Gas Treatment/LNG (USA onshore), Upstream Desalting (North Sea), Midstream Oil Treatment (US Onshore), and Upstream Desalting (South America) points to solidification of current focus and opening up new frontiers for our high-efficiency mixing solutions.

In addition, we have also secured two additional purchase orders for our market leading produced water treatment technologies in North Africa (TORR trial) and Australia (Osorb Media System FEED work).

Watch out for more information on these projects soon!

Meet the Expert: Rafael Ramirez

Next to be profiled in our ‘Meet the Expert’ feature is Sr. Project Engineer, Rafael Ramirez.

How long have you been with ProSep?
I have been working for ProSep five years.

What does your role entail?
As the project manager, I keep projects on the right track by interacting both with the internal team and clients; bringing rationale to expenses, urgency to timelines and fulfilment of customers’ expectations.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on?
I have worked on many projects throughout my career,  and recently, one of the most interesting projects I have had the pleasure of working on was a produced water treatment plant in a joint venture with a company from The Netherlands. It was our first commercial unit for tertiary water separation using our proprietary Osorb Media System (OMS) to help a natural gas producer in the Mediterranean Sea to treat 5,000 BWPD from 100 ppm to 15 ppm of dispersed oil concentration, as well as 150 to 500 ppm of BTEX soluble components to 5 ppm concentration levels respectively. I also enjoyed working with stakeholders that were very engaged to the success of this 202 Ton skidded package. It was such a joy to be able to see a project this size from start to finish. I really learned a lot about virtual teamwork, communication, perseverance, and the importance of consistency.

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ProSep’s product offering featured in E&P Magazine, Water Management Techbook 2019

ProSep’s water management capability has been profiled in the latest edition of E&P Magazines Water Management Techbook.  Identified as one of the key players in water management ProSep provides solutions that meet or exceed regulatory and/or other operational requirements, such as reinjection and EOR.

ProSep’s produced water treatment system helps operators manage and treat produced water streams. The company’s technologies include TORR, CTour Process and Osorb Media Systems.

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