ProSep Announce Two Key Technical Appointments

ProSep, the provider of proprietary products that allow the global industry value chain to optimize efficiency while lowering chemical and water use, cleaning contaminated water streams, and capturing valuable minerals and metals, has recently strengthened its team with the announcement of two key technical appointments.

Elena Labrador, Ph.D., and Andrei Zhorau have recently joined ProSep as Process Engineers at its Houston-based headquarters. Elena and Andrei will focus on multiple ongoing product development and deployment initiatives, including water treatment, recovery of critical minerals and metals, and carbon capture.

With a Ph.D. in Chemistry and having held roles within Chevron, Du Pont, Dow, and Heritage Environmental, Elena’s deep innovation and process-based background, accumulating to more than 25 years, differentiates her from the group primarily composed of engineers. Elena has found that ProSep’s aims match her own, commenting: “My experience has been focussed a lot on waste. I’m a chemist by trade but a minimalist by temperament. The valuable work that ProSep do to extract materials from what would-be waste, is what attracted me to this role. Coming from the environmental industry, where I often focused on reducing waste by minimizing the use of energy resources is a passion of mine so the opportunity to continue that mission within ProSep has been invigorating.”

Andrei, with a chemical engineering degree, and previous on-field experience in the energy industry is ready for ProSep’s fast-paced, dynamic environment. Welcoming the opportunity for career development, Andrei commented on his variety of tasks, saying: “Every day is different. My responsibilities extend beyond the proposals department, so it’s been encouraging to get involved with a diverse range of projects. Every task has the potential for growth and provides the opportunity to learn and develop, but my prior on-field experiences have allowed me to settle well into my new role.”

ProSep Chief Operating Officer, Greg Hallahan, said: “The appointment of Elena and Andrei has come at a critical time for ProSep, allowing us to continue developing our skillset and the insight that we can provide on client projects. Their difference in experience will allow us to expand our solutions, offering a unique understanding of our client needs from a new perspective.

“Elena and Andrei will play crucial roles in helping us strengthen our relationships with clients worldwide, where we can provide new opportunities for learning and development.”

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