ProSep Signs Agreement for Major New Carbon Capture Project

ProSep, the leading global provider of environmentally friendly proprietary products has announced they have signed a test and cooperative agreement with trusted partner in water deaeration, Moreld Minox Technology for a major new carbon capture system. 

ProSep’s proprietary offerings in the Carbon Capture value chain include three post-combustion solutions covering quenching, CO2 capture/dehydration, and CO2 processing. One of these offerings, a proprietary mixing technology, will be implemented alongside Moreld Minox, Repsol Norge, and the University of South-Eastern Norway, on the proof of concept of the Minox Compact CO2-capture system, which has been labelled a step towards a net-zero future. 

 The project, which was recently awarded funding by CLIMIT, a national research program for carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, will take place throughout 2023 with ProSeps mixing technology making a vital contribution to enhance solvent-CO2 kinetics as well as reducing the size and cost of CO2 capture facilities. With the potential of innovating carbon-capturing systems across the industry, the cooperative project will capture CO2 in locations where conventional solutions become too large and heavy. 

 The system will be optimised towards capturing 200,000 tonnes of CO2 per year from offshore gas turbines and can be scaled to suit a wide range of CO2 emissions. This compact system will be applicable to several types of CO2 process streams, strengthening its potential to transform the offshore industrys net zero ambitions. 

 Discussing ProSep’s role within the system, Chief Technology Officer John Sabey said: “We at ProSep are very excited for our next chapter of deploying proven technologies from one market segment into the emerging decarbonization markets. This is a testament to the efficiency and flexibility of our technology, and we are looking forward to applying our proprietary mixing technology to the success of the system’s development. Decarbonizing the industrial markets is a key goal for several global client’s and ProSep is looking forward to playing a role going forward. We look forward to seeing the progress of this project throughout the year.”  

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