Author: Amy Scorgie

Meet the Expert: Nicole Miles

Nicole Miles, our Director of HR and Marketing, has a hugely diverse role as her job title suggests.  Find out what challenges she faces in her role and more about the most exciting project she has worked on.

How long have you been with ProSep?
I have been with ProSep for 5 years.

What’s the best thing about working at ProSep?
Our employees! They embody the definition of teamwork.
Through hardship and success, we focus on building a strong foundation and remaining focused on how we can add value to our clients.

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Production Chemicals Optimization Conference – Greg Hallahan and Brenton Hughes

Our Director of Product Development and Proposals Greg Hallahan and US Sales Manager Brenton Hughes attended the 5th annual Production Chemicals Optimization conference in Houston, Texas last week.  The presentations during the event provided a great insight into the latest challenges facing oil and gas operators.  The event was also a fantastic opportunity for ProSep to showcase our eClip technology that provides chemical savings in a compact, easy-to-install and cost effective product.

Meet the Expert: Bill Jagers

At ProSep product development is a key part of remaining competitive in the market.  One of the key people in charge of actively engaging in product development and seeking improvement to design for manufacturing, operation and installation is our Engineering SME, Bill Jagers.

How long have you been with ProSep?

I joined ProSep in 2007. I had been a team member with the prior organizational structure for 4 years as well.  It has been quite an adventure.

What does your role entail?

As Engineering SME I provide product development support to the advancement and delivery of ProSep proprietary mixing products performing mechanical design, development of manufacturing plan and delivery of our products. I am actively engaged in product development seeking improvement of design for manufacturing, operation and installation. I support all aspects of mechanical design analysis and manufacture of our products. We offer products to many different markets; therefore, we have the opportunity to work many standards and materials of construction.

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Successful delivery of Equinor’s Heimdal MAX+ mixers

Following our announcement of the contract award for two ProSep MAX+ ProSalt mixers for the Equinor’s Heimdal Gas Centre Platform in the North Sea last month we are delighted to confirm the order has been successfully delivered.  The 4” CS MAX+ Mixer and 6” Class 1500# duplex MAX+ mixer have been satisfactory tested, preserved and shipped!  Thank you to all who contributed to the success of another “on time” delivery project.



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