ProSep to provide NOC with Desalting Technology

ProSep announced it was awarded a contract for the supply of one of its patented ProSalt™ units, valued at $352,000 to a major National Oil Company in the Arab Gulf region.

The 20″ ProSalt wash water injection and mixing valve will be installed at an onshore facility upstream of the Desalter vessel. The ProSalt unit will replace the existing globe valve and static mixer, with delivery expected by end of Q2 2014. Results from a similar existing installation with the NOC, found that the ProSalt technology can save more than 10 million gallons of fresh water per year in one facility alone.

Traditional mixing valves often consume large quantities of wash water and chemicals. The ProSalt unit helps to preserve valuable water supplies. The robust, flanged spool piece replaces the conventional static mixer and mixing valve with a novel inline injection and mixing assembly. It requires minimum maintenance, has a high turndown ratio, and provides unobstructed flow conditions while providing efficient mixing of various production chemicals and dilution water used in the desalting process.

Neil Poxon, CEO of ProSep said: “The ProSalt technology is already in use by this operator who is aware of the great operational benefits it delivers in vastly reducing fresh water consumption, improved performance in pressure drop and less oil in water at the separator. We are delighted that the operator has selected ProSalt for an additional facility and are confident it will deliver impressive results.”

Existing ProSalt operations in the Arab Gulf region demonstrated:

  • The wash-water rate was reduced by about 40% from 50 gpm, saving more than 10 million gallons of fresh water per year in one facility alone.
  • The differential pressure across the new valve decreased by more than 50%, from 15 psi differential to 7 psi differential.
  • Oil-in-water content from the desalter was reduced by about 60% from 18ppm to 7ppm.
  • The salt content remained within specifications throughout the test.

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