ProSep signs CO2 Membrane Agreement with Generon


Natural Gas Processing CO2 Membranes

ProSep, the oil, gas, and water treatment specialist, has signed a collaboration agreement with Generon IGS, an industry-leading provider of comprehensive gas separation and compression solutions, to develop and commercialize a state-of-the-art line of CO2 separation membrane products. The collaboration will see ProSep engineer, manufacture and distribute gas treatment packages, including Generon’s innovative membrane technologies, for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Generon’s CO2 membrane modules have superior selectivity, which dramatically increases hydrocarbon recovery and minimizes permeate loss. Compared to competitive spiral-wound, flat-sheet membranes, the hollow-fiber membrane offers a greater surface area, which significantly reduces the required footprint and weight of the complete system. The technology has been piloted over the last 24 months, with promising results. In one field study at an offshore gas production facility, hydrocarbon recovery improved from 85 to 91 percent, equating to an additional ~ USD $50 million per year in residue gas sales.

John Sabey, chief technical officer of ProSep, says of the collaboration: “Early on we identified a clear fit between our organizations. The strength of ProSep’s industry experience and knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing, combined with Generon’s appetite for innovation, created the perfect partnership. The pilot results are extremely encouraging and we’re excited to take this product to market and offer operators the very latest technology for gas treatment. The small weight and footprint of the technology, coupled with the increased selectivity and hydrocarbon recovery, is something that hasn’t been done before.”

Tom Jeffers, chief executive offer of IGS Group, adds: “Generon is an expert in the design and manufacture of highly specific membrane separation technologies, while ProSep has extensive process experience in the natural gas processing industries. The cooperation between the two companies will enable ProSep and Generon to offer the most efficient gas purification technologies to the market. The savings of 8-15 percent hydrocarbon processing losses will be a major benefit to our customers.”

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