ProSep Awarded Contract for Shell Canada’s Carmon Creek Project

May 6, 2014 Houston, Texas: ProSep, the Houston headquartered oil, gas and water process separation specialist has been awarded the contract with Shell Canada for a comprehensive oil treatment solution consisting of the design and packaging of 12 large oil treatment vessels.

The equipment, which will be designed and partly fabricated by ProSep includes degassers, production separators, production treaters and slop oil treaters and will be delivered to the Carmon Creek heavy oil development in Northern Alberta, Canada.

The company, which has recently invested in new facilities in Houston will deliver the contract in a phased approach over the next two years with the packaged units being delivered as they are completed.

Neil Poxon, CEO of ProSep said: “This is the largest contract award in the company’s history and reinforces the great start we have made to 2014. ProSep’s experience and unique approach to oil, gas and water treatment has brought excellent results, especially in increasing recovery rates for clients. Oil Technology Manager, Vince Buchanan, and his team have brought significant expertise to the technology requirements of this important heavy oil contract.”

Shell is progressing the construction of the Carmon Creek Project on its Peace River heavy oil leases. The project will produce 80,000 barrels of bitumen per day using vertical steam drive wells.

The order from Shell is for two phases of work each of which will include a single degasser vessel, two production separators and two production treaters. A slop oil treater will be provided to process any out of specification oil in small quantities allowing for larger chemical dosage if required.

All vessels will be gas packed and designed to stabilize the liquid at the operating conditions by liberating the gas. The production separators, production treaters and slop oil treaters are designed to meet Shell’s separation and dehydration requirements.

The production treaters and slop oil treaters utilize ProSep’s unique horizontal flow with multiple vertical grid design. This allows for true three phase operation of the equipment and improved separation characteristic on heavy to medium crudes.

ProSep will fabricate the internals for the equipment with the vessels being manufactured in Calgary and Lloydminster.

ProSep is an industry-leading technology and services provider of integrated process separation solutions to the global oil and gas industry. It has developed a lifecycle range of technologies to help operators manage their process streams, enhance performance and meet strict regulatory requirements, a growing challenge for the industry.

The company is looking to expand its global operations in key regions including North America, South America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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